Clastic music web application

The Clastic Music web app is an interactive application where images are rendered in real time and react to music and human input. It was conceived and developed by Eduardo Pérez Infante and Gabriel Vigliensoni. Clastic music web application interface Some time ago, Eduardo and I were working on an A/V presentation for a show at Mutek Montréal. We didn’t know at the moment, but that show turn up to be the Clastic Music record.

Ñe'ê: Earwitnessing hidden stories from the South

Project conceived and developed by Maar Colasso and Gabriel Vigliensoni. Check the generative radio portal site. Ñe’ê: Earwitnessing hidden stories from the South is a generative radio project and sound performance that seeks to unveil stories and historical events from the Latin-American South on the idea of disappearance and memory. By placing together sound objects from distant geographies, times, and cultures in a non-binding way—therefore allowing the interaction of their contexts, memories, and temporal densities—this project aims at enabling the audience to reflect and provide meaning to these events.