Ola Radio guest set

Guest set for Ola Radio. Marseille, France.

Aired on May 4, 2022.

Only the first hour of the show was selected by me. The second one is Klusa Daba’s.


  1. Erosion 2. Exium
  2. Blue Dub. Azu Tiwaline, Al Wootton
  3. Behind Closed Doors. Less-O
  4. Miami String. Interviews
  5. Disorientation. Jana Rush
  6. Ciudad de Dios. OCTUBRXLIBRV
  7. Elevium A. LOFT
  8. Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 2). Asusu
  9. Petman. Interviews
  10. Lazer Worshippers Theme (Original Mix 1993). Lazer Worshippers
  11. Blood Witness (Original 12" Mix). Regis
  12. Tom Tom Beats. Aux 88
  13. Cereb. Orion
  14. High Climber. Interviews