Compositions and words by Gabriel Vigliensoni

Composed and recorded January-June, 2015

Performers on Jaguar are Eduardo Caces, bass guitar, Evan Magoni, snare drum and Fran González, hand claps; performers on Metal are David Romblom, electric piano, Eduardo Caces, bass guitar and Marcelo Muñoz, electric guitar

Mixed by Gabriel Vigliensoni with assistance from Peter Woodford at The Bottle Garden, Montréal

Mastered by Richard White at Breakglass Studios, Montréal

Artwork by Antonia Hernández

Gabriel Vigliensoni wishes to thank Antonia Hernández, Charalampos Saitis, Cristóbal Saavedra, David Romblon, Eduardo Caces, Esteban Maestre, Evan Magoni, Fran González, Manuela Martelli, Marcelo Muñoz, Marko Timlin, Reiner Krämer, Ronnie Araya, Tristan Bayfield, and Vito Vigliensoni.

A Clang release (CLANG029)

© 2015 Gabriel Vigliensoni ℗ 2015 Clang Records

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