R-VAE: Live latent space drum rhythm generation from minimal-size datasets

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A small-data mindset for generative AI creative work

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Creating Latent Spaces for Modern Music Genre Rhythms Using Minimal Training Data

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Clastic Music in México

September 22–23, 2022. Morelia and CDMX, México.

Generation and visualization of rhythmic latent spaces

Gabriel Vigliensoni, Louis McCallum, Esteban Maestre, and Rebecca Fiebrink. 2021. In Proceedings of the 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity.

Iklectik Art Lab

June 16, 2022. London, UK.

vigliensoni+Tragatierra in France

June 20, 2022. Metz, France.

Clastic music à Montréal

April 29, 2022. Montreál, QC.

Ola de Calor

By Tragatierra


By Tragatierra

People Mover Mixtape

Guest mixtape for People Mover, 1020 Radio, Bristol

Tëctónîcä Guest Mix

Guest mixtape for Tëctónîcä Radio

Modular Systems guest set

Guest set for CMD’s Modular Systems show at CKUT 90.3 FM Montréal.

Ola Radio guest set

Guest set for Klusa Daba’s Exploring the Sword Coast at Ola Radio, Marseille.


By Lucybell


By Lucybell