Clastic music web application

The Clastic Music web app is an interactive application where images are rendered in real time and react to music and human input. It was conceived and developed by Eduardo Pérez Infante and Gabriel Vigliensoni. Clastic music web application interface Some time ago, Eduardo and I were working on an A/V presentation for a show at Mutek Montréal. We didn’t know at the moment, but that show turn up to be the Clastic Music record.

Steering latent audio models through interactive machine learning

14th International Conference on Computational Creativity

Clastic Music

Composed and produced by Gabriel Vigliensoni. Mastered by Rupert Clervaux. Concept design and cover by Antonia Hernández. CLAST Clast is a term used in Geology to indicate fragments of rocks, or minerals, of varying sizes and characteristics. Clastic formations are new rocks, forms, or entities created out of pre-existing clasts. Quartzite formations in clastic rocks. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH For the past two years, I’ve been doing research on the creative affordances of machine learning in the context of music composition, production, and performance.

Holy waters soundscape

Soundscape design for Holy Waters

Real-time control of neural audio synthesis | Ella

Street improvisation with neural audio synthesis models. In the video I am improvising with sound artist dedosmuertos, in La Villette, Paris. I am interacting in real time with the latent space representation of several models trained on raw audio using the RAVE neural network architecture (Caillon and Esling, 2021). To interact with the latent space, I am using a Gametrak controller. By means of Wekinator (Fiebrink and Cook, 2009), an application for supervised, interactive machine learning, I’m mapping the performance space to the latent space representation of the model.

Telematic awakening

Telematic awakening: Participating in the 2019 Chilean uprising through a live gestural interface. 26th International Symposium on Electronic Art. Montréal, QC. ABSTRACT The Telematic awakening project was a way of participating in the 2019 Chilean uprising from abroad. I collected interviews and field recordings of the manifestations posted from social media feeds. The recordings were split into sound snippets, sound features are computed, and dimensionality reduction was performed so that the sounds were mapped into a bidimensional performative space.