About me

I am a Montréal-based music artist, producer, performer, and researcher. My work explores the various stages of contemporary music production, always transforming record-making into a field for experimentation and learning. With studies in sound recording and music technology in Santiago and Montréal, and research in machine learning for creative practice in London, I am equally grounded on the current state-of-the-art and experimental techniques for music-making as well as on the electronic music subcultures surrounding house and techno.

I have been involved in a variety of projects throughout my musical career, performing, producing, and composing. In all these projects, I have sought to incorporate a interlocked rhythms, edgy synth melodies, and sonic experimentation. With an emphasis on practice, I am always searching for new ways to communicate a radical approach to music-making with the audience, and to bring liveness and immediacy to the workflow of digital music production and performance.

For my latest musical release, Clastic music, I implemented a custom machine learning-driven musical instrument to make and explore rhythms. In the album, I play with the geological concept of a clast: new entities and forms created out of pre-existing fragments—akin to how machine learning uses pre-existing data to generate new forms. Clastic music is then the result of rhythmic improvisations with models learned from bespoke datasets of rhythmic patterns from music genres I love.